YOUR Invitation To  Create The CONSISTENT and PREDICTABLE Revenue Your Business Can For YOU.




It's time for you to enjoy the flexibility and money freedom you deserve in your business.

Let me show you how to generate consistent and predictable revenues from your business with my unique 90 Day Revenue Accelerator program.


Simple. Strategic. Systematic.


Spoiler Alert: It's way more fun than what you may have tried before! 

$130,000 in 90 Days

Filled my beta group program in 2 weeks thanks to Cat... and now offering the program again at a higher investment level with great client results to share!


Michelle S

$38,160 in 90 Days

Went from corporate career to entrepreneurship without missing a beat, and now earning more in business then I was in my old J-O-B.!



Scott M.

$161,000 in 90 Days

Based off Cat's process, I filled my group program in 4 weeks, and had a repeatable process I use over and over again!



Randy K.

$31,4500 in 90 Days

With Cat's help I was able to start a new business, and close my first client for $7,500.  I wouldn't have known how to do it without Cat's help an guidance!


Jeff H.

$82,861 in 90 Days

Cat helped position myself and my value so that my clients would gladly pay me more for the same services I provided before.



Nettie O.

$45,188 in 90 Days

I'm connecting with more ideal client on multiple platforms and able to turn those connections into clients, consistently filling my group programs, and creating consistent income!

Mary C.

Welcome Bosses


I want to show you how you can put ease and flow back into you business (and life) by leveraging simple and effective strategies to fill your pipeline with quality leads for your high ticket programs.

This is an implementation-based business revenue accelerator for coaches, consultants and service providers.

I will share with you proven, simple, and effective marketing and sales strategies that are specifically designed to help you produce consistent and predictable revenues, month over month, while also giving you back time and energy.

You Started Your Business For All The Right Reasons...

To help your clients achieve their biggest goals and wildest dreams.


To have a positive impact on the world.


To go to bed each night knowing that what you do matters.


You also started a business to experience more freedom in both your work and your personal life. You wanted to be in charge of your own schedule. And have plenty of time for the things that are most important to you.


But lately you’ve been wondering…


How can you do the work you love, make a bigger impact and generate more income without also generating a lot more work hours?


How are those 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs able to create such high-impact, high-profit businesses yet still have the freedom, flexibility and free time to enjoy more of life?


The Lead Boss Revenue Accelerator

This is a 90 day business revenue acceleration program focused on simplifying your business and providing you the  process to help you achieve your financial goals with direct access, support, and weekly mentorship by Cat and additional presentations from her team of experts.  As well as implementation-based training,  unabashed accountability, and a community of ambitious entrepreneurs ready to succeed with you.


This Is For You If...

You are ready to put an end to the stress of wasting your precious time, energy, and money on strategies that just aren't working to bring more clients and more money into your business.


>> No more fake smiles and "everything's great" answers when someone asks you how your business is going.

>> No more frustration with complicated tech that makes you want to throw your computer out the window.

>> No more resenting your business for the amount of time it takes you away from your family.

>> No more sinking good money after bad into Facebook ads, funnels, and strategies that just aren't working. 

Imagine dialing in to a sales call with a new potential client and genuinely not worrying about what the outcome will be, because you KNOW you have a solid pipeline of new, qualified organic leads coming into your business regularly. Knowing that if this potential client doesn't say yes, it's OK because you've got dozens more leads lined up right behind them. 


Imagine looking at your family and saying "you know what... let's go away this weekend! We need some fun time." Or telling your spouse you've booked that weekend away for the two of you that you've been wanting to go on.


You've got the freedom to take off on a last-minute trip because you've got your lead generation system in place and an irresistible high-ticket offer that your prospects can't wait to say yes to. No more working weekends... nope, weekends are for family, fun, rest, and relaxation. And not only that, you take that time off guilt-free because your income is predictable and consistent.


No more working weekends anymore, and ...

The Answer Lies In The Next 90 Days With The 

Lead Boss Revenue Accelerator


Video training, live expert interviews, swipe copy, and templates, will teach you everything you need to know to achieve your goal.


High level of accountability to keep you on track and making progress in your goal, with direct guidance on the areas of your business that will produce the best ROI's the fastest.


Focus in this program is the end goal... which comes down to a measurable ROI that you set as your target, leveraging the learning and action you take during the program to achieve it!


Access to swipe copy, blueprints, templates, and other time savers to fast track your progress, so you never stay stuck.


Weekly coaching calls, accountability check-ins, and a private community of entrepreneurs, like you, to support you in achieving your goals. 


Automation tools to track and measure progress and highlights areas to fix, strengthen and explore for your business growth

Let Me Show You Can Achieve Consistency and Predictability In Your Business... 


1) 1:1 Strategic Design call, where we’ll:

  • Dive deeper into your 90-day goal
  • Create a customized action plan to reach your goal, and identify the daily actions to get you moving in the right direction
  • Review your offer so we can reposition it for maximum impact

2) Weekly Group Action Call (12 calls), to keep you in action and focused on accomplishing your goal, kinda of like a shot of energy and a loving kick in the booty 😉


3) Access to the Lead Boss System: The ultimate lead generation program that supports you to create your unique process to turn your prospects from connections into clients.  


1) Messaging Template Files to get clients on the phone - don't know what to write or where to start, then don't worry.  Use my proven templates to get your prospects booking calls with you.


2) Content Plan Matrix to attract your ideal clients - Layout all your content topics for the next 90 days, so that you'll know exactly what to cover to help attract, nurture and convert more prospects into clients


3) Content Re-purposing Checklist - do it yourself of delegate it out, but follow this simple checklist with what you need to do once you've shared content, so you can repurpose it and save time


4) Objection Handling Playbook - Know exactly what to say if you hear an objection between you and those YES ideal clients


 1) Momentum Tracker - a unique tracking and reporting tool to keep track of your leads so you never leave a good one behind.  


2) CAT-CULATOR : Daily Revenue Action Trigger Calculator to help you identify the exact actions and engagements you need to take in order to achieve your goal. 


3) LEAD Boss App (Beta): Need help staying on track with your daily targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)... keep your leads in your pocket with just 5 daily action items to complete to hit your revenue goals! 


1) LIFETIME ACCESS TO THE LEAD BOSS SYSTEM - Access to the only system you'll ever need to connect, converse and close high-ticket clients to create the consistent revenue you want month over month. 


2) SPARK INTENSIVE - attend a 5-day live daily session (1 hour each) setting up your business with the right assets for success, to hit the ground running for your 90 days, and maximize your results. 


3) SOCIAL PROFILE AUDIT - a personalized review of your social media accounts with recorded feedback to ensure they are fully optimized for lead generation and conversion. 

Are You Looking For These Kinds Of Results?

a $100k Contract !

$82,861 in 90 Days!

“I filled my group program in 2 weeks thanks to Cat... and now launching my second one, and increasing my prices!"

$130,000 in 90 days

Michelle S.

"Cat helped me to reverse-engineer my goals and make them much easier to achieve by creating an action plan I could follow, and one that didn't feel overwhelming either."

$10,000 in 24 hours

Lori H.

$31,4500 in 90 Days

$65,000 in 90 Days!

"I couldn't have done any of this without Cat's help!"

5x Investment in 90 days

Linda K.

“Cat helped position myself and my value so that my clients would gladly pay me more for the same services I provided before.  what a difference the extra money has made in my life!"

$20,000 in 30 days

-Carol C.

20X and then 100X her Investment!

15X Her Investment in 90 days!

"I couldn't have done any of this without Cat's help!"

$65,000 in 90 days

Jasper D.

“We laid out a serious 3 Part Plan to hit my most outlandish monthly goal, and it feels so yummy! 

$18,000 in 30 days

- Jen C.

Closed Almost the Entire Room!

Focused and Making her ROI!

Do ONE Thing For Yourself

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine yourself and your business 90 days from now. Will you be happy if your business is in the same place then as it is today?


What about a year from now? If things are exactly as they are right now this time next year, how will you feel?


A year from now, are you still frustrated that your business still isn't generating the revenue you had hoped for ? or that you are still working crazy hours in a business that was supposed to set you free? Is your family still resentful of the time you spend chained to your desk (and when your going to deliver on the big freedom promises that you made)? 


Are you secretly starting to wonder if you will ever be able to start paying yourself what you know you deserve to be making, OR do you consistently have a steady stream of ideal clients eagerly buying your offers each and every month?


The Lead Boss 90-Day Revenue Accelerator is a surefire way to make sure that you don't stay stuck when it comes to generating organic leads consistently, so you never have to wonder where your next client is coming from... to create an offer so compelling and so irresistible that you've got clients seeking YOU out asking "how can I work with you?"


A year from now, will you wish you'd said yes to this opportunity? The choice is yours.


Don't let new clients (and more revenue) continue to slip through your fingers; you can reserve your spot right now for a low down payment... next thing we'll do is hop on the phone and make sure it's a 100% fit for you and your business. 




Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long is the program? And when does it start?

2) How much time will I have to spend each day?

3) Does it matter where I'm at in business?

4) Do I get 1:1 support from Cat?

5) Will I need to invest in more programs, technology or tools to implement what you teach in this program?

Your Guarantee...

It’s simple: If you watch the training videos, do all the coursework, and attend all the coaching calls... and if you still have not made your money back in 90 days... I'll work with you for another 90 days free!


Why? Because I care about you making real progress, and getting real results.


If you put in the work and go through the process, you WILL make money, and build a more thriving business, one that makes you come alive.


I can confidently say this because I've worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to focus on the right money-generating activities. So, in case you’re wondering… Yes, we’ve got you covered!

I'm Cat Stancik ,

The Lead Boss™