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Broadcasting LIVE from Denver, CO: Wednesday, November 20th at 10am PST / 1pm EST

Superstar Celebrity Entrepreneur Ice T's
#1 Tip
for Getting People to Say YES to Your Offers!

Here's Just SOME of What You'll Get During This Expert-Packed Broadcast...

The Social Singularity System: Cancel Your Social Media Messaging Chaos...

BREAKING NEWS! Cure for Social Media Schizophrenia Discovered!


Are you one thing on Facebook, another version of you on LinkedIn and a totally different variation on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.?


One of the biggest secrets behind Cat's uncanny knack for converting her connections into clients, in droves, is her ingenious blueprint for creating simple SINGULARITY in profile messaging. Show up live and it's ALL YOURS!

NUGGETS ANYONE? Get Each Guest Expert's Single Biggest Client-Closing Secret, LIVE...

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Any Memes?


We all love a good meme, right?

Well, memes are great – those single shot, pre-canned spins that people pass around like a cheap handbag. Problem is, just like with a sticky bra, advice about how to get more clients is not ONE SIZE FITS ALL.


Show up live and watch Cat get each of her expert guests, to reveal their single biggest secret for how to attract and close clients!


WATCH NOW: Cat's Platform Independence Manifesto Video... 

"Ms. Stancik Has Solved the Single Worst Problem in Virtual Business."


That's what Mars of Launch Men had to say when he got wind of Cat Stancik's game changing system for unrestrained client-getting via social media platforms.


In this video, which you get instant access to when you register now, Cat will help you get clear on how you turn the platforms you're currently dependent on into a unified, liberating single-simple-system to turn your connections into clients FAST!

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Check Out This Lineup...

They're Joining Forces to Help Coaches and Online Entrepreneurs Get Leads,
Convert Sales and Become
Platform Independent!

CAT STANCIK: Founder of Action Incubator™, sought-after speaker, and Bestselling Author of 7 Principles for a More Productive and Fulfilling Life.

STEVE SIMS:  Can you handle the truth? Then Steve will deliver visionary insights that are deeply rooted in pragmatic reality and practical action - because it's about RESULTS. 

KRISTIN THOMPSON:  The straight-talkin', wise-crackin' speaker & coach who can show you how to RISE above the rest, and Rock your talk all the way to the bank!

MATT McWILLIAMS: want to leverage the power of other peoples audience?  Then let Matt the affiliate guy show you exactly how it's done.  

ADAM URBANSKI: The Millionaire Marketing Mentor® has coached & consulted over 30,000 business owners to generate millions of dollars in extra income each year . 

MARS OF LAUNCHMEN: This long-bearded chap thinks he knows EVERYTHING about launching stuff online, sadly, with over $382 million in  launch sales... HE MAY!

MICHELLE SHAEFFER: Top blogger, author and Planet Business founder, plus 7-figure coach to empath entrepreneurs. Hosts The Art of Giving a Damn.

RICH SCHEFREN: the most influencial internet strategist he has  revived some of the most well known companies known today, and supports marketers to increase their impact. 

LORI HARDEGREE: the secret weapon behind some of the biggest internet influencers, she only writes copy that converts, helping prospects whip out their credit cards.

SCOTT McKIMMY: Leading by example, he supports industry Business Leaders to ramp up their hidden profit so they can rev up their revenue faster.

JASPER DAYTON:  the most innovative brand builder on the internet, she supports small businesses to leverage the power of technology to attract and convert clients faster. 

So What's the Big Deal About This 3-Move Lead Boss Broadcast?

​This one-time-only LIVE broadcast will show you how to...

  • Finally help you achieve the impact you're looking for 
  • Set you up so you can create a multiple six figure business fast, without having to shell out money for expensive marketing
  • Create a client generating machine that you can optimize 



There's NO PLAN for another LIVE broadcast like this, so tune in Wednesday, November 20th at 10am PST, 1pm Eastern to find out, and discover all the key secrets of the 3-Move Lead Method, during this ONCE-ONLY, 5-HOUR+ LIVE broadcast.


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REGISTER NOW + Be Sure to Watch the Short Video on the Next Page to Get the Most Out of the LIVE Show.

ACT FAST- This Is a One-Time-Only LIVE broadcast!

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